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Alpine Star


Alpine Star is an amazing but illusive Indica-dominant strain, its effects will make you fall in love at first toke. With a THC content ranging from 17-24{d01d39bc704a25f7c42cf770eeb96919ccc50f8ffcc4be05e3865f7b59cbfdbf}, this potent and flavorful strain will melt all your stress away and have you feeling so good, you’ll be floating on air.

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Alpine Star Strain Information

Alpine Star has it all in the name. She’s a beautiful yet mysterious strain with a significant claim to fame. This Indica-dominant hybrid is derived from parent strains Tahoe OG and Sensi Star. It is well-known for its powerful sedative properties, a potent, delicious flavor, and THC levels that will make your mouth water and your body melt into a puddle of absolute bliss and relaxation. If you’re looking for something that will have you feeling uplifted and stoked before lulling you into a peaceful, deep sleep, look no further than Alpine Star strain.

Appearance, Flavor, and Effects

The buds of Alpine Star strain are a beckoning bright green covered in tiny orange hairs and sparkling crystal trichomes that glisten like diamonds. However, they are also a diamond in the rough in their own right. Alpine Star is an elusive and rare strain. Users go on epic quests to hunt for the chance to encounter its beauty for themselves. But when they do, the payoff is always well worth the effort!

Primarily used as a medical strain, Alpine Star is also loved by recreational users. It has an incredibly high THC content of 17-24{d01d39bc704a25f7c42cf770eeb96919ccc50f8ffcc4be05e3865f7b59cbfdbf}. Its soothing relaxing effects are fantastically fabulous! With its calming, sedative effects that transition from a sense of euphoria and creativity to couch-lock, and finally blissful slumber, getting your hands on this strain is like obtaining the Holy Grail of weed!

Alpine Star has a distinctly dank odor and flavor. It has a smell of wet soil combined with citrusy and lemony notes. It also has a hint of pine and herbal scents. The dank smell carries over into how it tastes, as well, with notes of lemon for a zesty zip of flavor!

The buzz from Alpine Star will start in your head and cause a warming sensation to spread from your neck to your shoulders. It will then make its way through the rest of your body like a tingly wave that washes over you and detangles and destresses your entire being. Say goodbye to pain and hello to a level of comfort you have never experienced before! However, be sure that you have your favorite go-to snacks on hand. Alpine Star is a hungry lady, and her munchies are real.

With healing and relaxing effects like these, Alpine Star is a Rockstar when it comes to treating chronic pain, muscle spasms, stress, and insomnia. It will leave you feeling extremely hungry, which is excellent for those looking for a method to stimulate their appetite. If you are lucky enough to get a hold of this strain, prepare yourself for one of the most stellar rides of your life before an even better night’s sleep! Feel your worries melt away as all the muscles in your body relax and you become one with your pillow.

Alpine Star Medical Benefits

Chronic Pain, Muscle Spasms, Stress, Insomnia, Appetite Stimulation.

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