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Black Mamba


Black Mamba is an indica-dominant hybrid true to its snake namesake – smooth and creeping, but hard-hitting when it strikes! Rather than venom, it’s a potent and psychoactive dose with long-lasting effects that will put you at ease and lull you to sleep.

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Black Mamba Strain Information

Named after the famous African snake, this Black Mamba strain is a potent Indica-dominant hybrid. This strain’s long-lasting effects will impress even the most experienced tokers. The effects initially motivate one to do their goals. Black Mamba will have you channeling your inner Plato, getting all sorts of philosophical. Are you looking for trippy effects? Black Mamba has you covered. What’s more, its Indica properties will soothe you into a care-free, restful sleep!


Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Black Mamba strain is easy to spot with its unique flowers. Its leaves are a dark forest green colour with patches of deep purple. This colouring is the result of its purple weed strain genetics. The perfect buds stick together in puffy, almost circular small to medium-sized clusters. White trichomes dot the flowers, making it difficult to bust the bud up without a grinder. But Black Mamba is not just another pretty face! Its aroma is as noteworthy as its stunning colours. The flowers have a well-balanced sour and sweet, grape-like scent. After a couple more sniffs, you may also detect notes of fresh pine and earthy hints, as well.

One of the key features of Black Mamba is the smoothness of its smoke. When combusted, it has a distinct taste of sweet grape juice on the exhale. While it’s smooth, the smoke itself is pungent. If you’re looking to be discreet, take the necessary measures! Like its stalking snake namesake, Black Mamba’s effects lie in wait. Once they hit, though, they strike hard and fast! Smokers will feel a pressured sensation on their forehead and around their temples. Your perception will start to shift and focus on things you may not otherwise notice. Sights and sounds will seem more intense, but so too will your thoughts.

Black Mamba brings on powerful mind-altering effects that will cause your mind to race. This effect may cause some tokers to be more at ease and inclined to be social and engage with those around them. When enjoyed alone, Black Mamba’s effects can energizing, productive feelings. It’s great at motivating you to complete tasks like cleaning or organizing! It’s also a great go-to strain for reading while high or watching your favourite stoner movies. It will likely have you consider points of view and perspectives you haven’t thought of before. One of the most noticeable effects of this strain is how it causes users to feel introspective and philosophical.

You’ll ask yourself some big questions. It’s the perfect strain to get back in touch with number one! At the height of the high, Black Mamba may induce trippy, hallucinogenic-like effects that will delight seasoned tokers. But new users may feel panicked or anxious, so be sure to watch your dosage! Black Mamba is definitely best enjoyed during the day due to its energizing effect. Its results are also long-lasting, allowing you to enjoy the high throughout your day. As it progresses, the high will bring about the typical Indica effects of providing a pleasant body high. It will make you feel relaxed and stress-free, which makes it really good weed for sleep.

On top of its fun, recreational uses, Black Mamba also has medical applications, as well. With its energizing, mood-boosting elements, it can help those with mild to moderate stress and depression. It will cause you to be more conscious and mindful. It may also help with attention deficit disorders to help stay motivated and focused. Black Mamba is also used to help relieve the unpleasant pressure from glaucoma. Its Indica genetics produce relaxing effects that will cause users to feel sleepy. It’s great at helping to treat insomnia, too.


Black Mamba Medical Benefits

Stress, Insomnia, Pain, Depression, ADD

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