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Buy durban poison dank vapes cartridges Online. Authentic Durban Poison wasn’t created by anyone in a lab, or thrown together accidentally. Rather, the ancestor of this strain once grew freely in the windswept plains of present-day South Africa, making it essentially an heirloom marijuana type.
Certainly, Durban Poison proves that weed does not require large amounts of complexity or genetic cross-breeding in order to boast ethereal effects; if you ever have the opportunity to experience a true-to-form landrace Durban, you’ll understand that the strain provides one of the most pleasant – and medicinal – highs known to man.
Durban Poison is a pure sativa strain with origins stretching back to a single ancestral relative from the south coast of Africa. Pure-grown Durban Poison (which is in fact very hard to find) has a 100{d01d39bc704a25f7c42cf770eeb96919ccc50f8ffcc4be05e3865f7b59cbfdbf} sativa genetic makeup – nothing more, nothing less.
There are few questions about the origins of this spectacular reefer, and the fact remains that Buy durban poison dank vapes cartridges Online. is an antique of the marijuana world. And though its genetics have been tainted with various cross-breed over the years, authentic heirloom strains have, if anything, only evolved stronger in terms of their THC content. Buy durban poison dank vapes cartridges Online
All things considered, there are many reasons why we’re all obsessed with Durban Poison marijuana. Some love its simplistic and clear-headed high, while others love it for its ancient roots and historical origins. People familiar with cannabis know Durban Poison, a.k.a. Durbs. But those unfamiliar with 420-friendly life might ask the question, “Why the hell would I smoke something called poison?”
In the interest of full disclosure, my attention-deficit disorder makes Durban my favorite strain, so I’m biased. Nonetheless, I’m sure one blast of the intoxicating, citrus-y (think: chemical cleaner) aroma up the nostril will coerce any naysayer into submission.

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