Lucky Charms


Fruity and with just the right amount of zing, Lucky Charms is a hybrid-dominant strain that draws influence from the popular marshmallow filled breakfast cereal.

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Lucky Charms

If you can get your hands on some Lucky Charms strain weed, you might just be carrying the luck o’ the Irish with you! A fruity hybrid with just the right amount of zing, Lucky Charms is a balanced hybrid strain that draws its influence from the popular marshmallow breakfast cereal by the same name. A cross between ‘The White’ and ‘Appalachia,’ this sweet and flowery strain is a great way to start your day – just like the cereal!

Appearance, Taste, and Aroma

Lucky Charms won’t have any marshmallows but its buds are dense, short, and stalky. Like its marshmallow counterpart, these buds are blanketed in a thick covering of white trichomes that speak to its immense THC potency which is measured to be between 15{d01d39bc704a25f7c42cf770eeb96919ccc50f8ffcc4be05e3865f7b59cbfdbf} and 22{d01d39bc704a25f7c42cf770eeb96919ccc50f8ffcc4be05e3865f7b59cbfdbf}.  You can’t go wrong with Lucky Charms, so get yourself a bag of these sweet and fruity nugs today!

Medical Benefits

Lucky Charms provides users with euphoric, uplifting energy and stress-relieving effects that last well into the afternoon if enjoyed in the morning.


Medical uses: Mood Elevation, Anxiety, Depression.

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